March 24th: Maple Syrup and Snow!

Today Debbie and Emily had a HUGE day planned for us and could not wait to share their plan during morning meeting!

Before morning meeting we were all feeling a little goofy and all hid under the table from Emily and Debbie.  Everybody sure tricked them!

During morning meeting Debbie told us that we were going to hike all the way down to the Sugarbush and go inside our sugar house!

Since we were going to have a big day hiking we ate our snack as Debbie read half of a book about sugaring!  We didn’t want to read the whole thing all at once, so we finished reading along our hike to the Sugar house!

As we were walking it started to snow, a lot! It was AWESOME.  Going down some of the hills we ended up sliding down on our bums and that was so much fun!  We finally got to the sugar house and were so excited.

Debbie gave us a great tour of the sugar house and how everything works.  We talked about how sap runs when its 40 degrees out and at night it needs to be 32 degrees or lower.  Also we learned that it takes 40 gallons on sap to make JUST 1 GALLON ON SYRUP!  That’s so much sap or such a small amount of syrup.

After we got our tour, we were all so hungry after walking so much that it was lunch time!  Emily finished out book while we ate lunch as the snow still fell down on us.  It was so great to have a picnic out in the snow.

It was quiet a trip back up to the barn to meet our parents.  We finally made it and were greeted by our parents ready for us!  We were all in such a great mood, we had a wonderful day outside in the snow enjoying all the beauty and joy nature has to give us.

Some of us were still in a playing and snow loving mood that they stayed and slid down the snow pile by the barn.  A couple of us were even so warm and hungry that we enjoyed a face full of snow!

Today was a great day! Debbie and Emily cannot wait for Spring to come though!

Image result for maple syrup drawing


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