March 17th: OH MY SNOW

What a crazy change in weather just in 1 weeks time!  Last week it was 30 degrees and there was no snow in sight, and this week we have over 2 ft of snow.  Emily and Debbie couldn’t wait to explore and play in it with the forest preschoolers.

The sun was out and shining on what of our faces was visible underneath all of our winter gear.  We played and explored the large piles of snow that cover the once visible lawn.

Some of us played with our cooking supplies and made some lovely snow cakes and cookies. I heard that someone made a chocolate cake, but was unable to get a piece.


We created 2 slides on one of the snow piles.  It was so much fun to slide down and then have to climb back up the pile to go again.

There is never a dull moment at forest Preschool, with out without snow, but the snow adds a special bonus of fun for us.

Debbie and Emily were getting tired so they created couches in the plowed snow on the edge of the walkway to the education office.  Once everyone saw this they all wanted a seat!  There was plenty of snow and room for everyone.

We filled up the bird feeders, had morning meeting and snack too.  We were all so excited about the snow, everyone wanted to go back outside as soon as possible. Before we did, Debbie read us a story about how there is a celebration for everything, and today not only would we be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but also the snow.

Debbie found this super awesome tool that makes snow igloos!  We helped Debbie read the instructions and put together all of the pieces.  Once our contraption was put together we could start making snow rectangles.  It took us so long that we only got half of a wall made! Maybe next week the snow will still be around and we can continue building our igloo.

After all of the time outside, some of us were getting tired, which was perfect because it was lunch time! We enjoyed lunch inside and as always, ended out day with our thank you circle.


Debbie and Emily hope that the snow stays around for another week!  Yay Snow!!



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