March 10th: Hike To Forest Camp…AND BEYOND!

We had a wonderful day at Forest Preschool. It wasn’t to chilly out, the sun was shining occasionally, and Debbie and Emily had a full packed day planned.

Debbie and Emily were sad that it was still winter and we had no snow, so Debbie thought of the brilliant idea to, make snow inside!

With only 2 ingredients (shaving cream and baking soda) we made snow in the barn and had so much fun!  It was cold and smelt nice too.  We made snowy mountains, snow balls, prints and so much more!

After our fun inside playing with fake snow, we cleaned up, filled the bird feeders, and had morning meeting.  After morning meeting we got all of our gear on, grabbed our lunch boxes and water bottles and headed out on our adventure for the rest of the day.

We walked through the garden, along forest camp, journeyed past Mossy Rocks, and trekked all the way up to Lookout Rock!  That was a huge adventure in itself and we powered through!

At Lookout Rock we indulged in our snacks and enjoyed a story from Debbie.  We looked out and could see Camels Hump as well as Mount Mansfield!

After snack we were all feeling super adventurous, so instead of continuing on the trail, we went bushwhacking through the forest!

We climbed up rocks, and over fallen down trees.  We noticed an area that had a lot of deer scat and Debbie told us this is an area that deer must love to sleep and stay at night.

Some of us climbed up more through the woods for what felt like hours! Others stayed and made fairy houses and sang our favorite songs.  Too Debbie and Emily’s surprise when they looked at their watches it was lunch time!

We hiked back to our backpacks, hiked back down past mossy rocks, said hi to forest camp and then ended with lunch in the barn.  Some of our families began to arrive and joined us for our thank you circle. What great way to end the day.



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