February 24th: Tapping day at Forest Camp

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Everyone at Forest Camp was disappointed to see all the snow has melted, but it was still a pretty day and Debbie and Emily had a lot planned for us!

From all of the melting snow, our parking lot turned into a giant puddle.  Debbie and Emily took out our mud kitchen supplies and everyone played in the mud and puddles. We jumped, slid down what little snow was left and had plenty of laughs.


We filled our container full of muddy water and had a blast doing it. Who doesn’t love to play in the mud?!

Since we were all geared up and ready to role, after all of our friends arrive we filled our bird feeders.  Debbie and Emily wanted to try a little experiment and see if we put bird seed in our hands, would the birds eat from them. We all did a great job waiting  quietly and very still for our bird friends to come.  Some got very close, but no one got a bird to eat from their hands.  This is something Debbie and Emily would like to keep trying!


Many of us were practicing our bird calls too!

We had a very quick morning meeting and snack, because we spent so much time outside playing and watching the birds.  After morning meeting we enjoyed 2 songs of nature yoga, we got to imagine ourselves as bears and a Caterpillar.

After morning meeting we got all of our gear on and got ready to play outside some more.  We made the icy journey to Forest camp.  Along the way we found a dead tree that was COVERED with green-ish mushrooms! They looked so cool.

After we got to forest camp many of us explored.  We got to see forest camp looking complete different than how we saw it the week before.  We played in the ice and enjoyed everyone’s imagination.

Since Thursday was Audubon Vermont’s Sugarbush tapping day, Debbie and Emily found it fitting to tap a tree at Forest Preschool too!  We learned how we know it is a sugar maple, how we decide if the tree is old enough to tap and where we should tap the tree.  Once everyone understood all the logistics we tapped out first tree!

Everyone had a turn to crank the drill as well as hammer in the spile.  We all has so much fun tapping our first maple tree and we cannot wait to make some maple syrup from it too!

We wrapped up our day with a walk through the garden, then a late lunch which led us to having our thank you circle.


During lunch one of our friends shared a really great dinosaur diorama and we all helped Debbie come up with a funny story about what was going on!


We can’t to see everyone again next week at forest preschool!

Image result for maple leaf


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