February 17th: SO MUCH SNOW!

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WOW SNOW!!!!   Finally we got the snow we were all waiting for this whole winter season, and everyone at Forest Preschool was ready to have some fun in the snow!

We started off our day with everyone playing outside! Whether we jumped into the snow, ate some snow, or plowed some snow off the driveway, we were in it and having so much fun.


Here’s a video of some of us being super goofy and jumping into the snow!


Who doesn’t love to eat some yummy snow!

It wasn’t to cold out so we stayed and played outside until Debbie and Emily said it was time to have morning meeting

During morning meeting, after we filled all the bird feeders, we noticed a friend, who wasn’t a bird, eating our bird seed. A red squirrel caught our attention hanging on the bird feeder eating the fresh seeds we had just put in.  He was super cute, and friendly! We watched him quietly to not scare him for a little, and then came back together to finish morning meeting.

After snack and before we went outside we did our daily dose of nature yoga.  We listened to 2 songs and practiced downward dog and our sun salutations too.  Great way to stretch out our bodies before going outside to explore.

At forest camp many of us helped clear the snow from out fire circle with shovels, or cups.  some of us stopped to have a taste of snow too.

The snow was SO deep for our amazing preschoolers.  They made the deep trek all the way to forest camp with ease. We played and explored for a long time.  Enjoying the snow that finally came for as long as we could.  We were having so much fun, we forgot about lunch!


To end our day, we had a late lunch and wrapped everything up with a nice thank you circle.  We had so much to be thankful for, the sun, all of the snow, our friends, families and all of the time we got to spend outside today!


Friday at Forest Preschool was so much fun! We explored and played more than we have in a while and Debbie and Emily can’t wait to have more fun in the weeks to come!



Image result for snowflake


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