February 10th: Snow, Muffins and Yoga, Oh My!

It was a chilly one this week at Forest Preschool, but that sure didn’t stop us from spending some time outside in the snow!

Last week we had made some stamps and while all of our friends where arriving at Forest Preschool some of us used our stamps to decorate the paper on the table.  Some of us drew some really pretty pictures as well, while others made a train of chairs!

As always we had morning meeting and in the middle of it, because we were a feeling a little goofy, we had a freeze dance party! After morning meeting we got on our jackets and boots to filled the bird feeders.  Once we filled them we noticed that the birds were already coming by to eat.  We got super quiet hoping the birds would come and eat and we would be able to see them, and we did!


During snack time we had a great talk with Emily about fire safety.  We made a fake fire in the middle  of our circle and discussed what we should and should not do if we have a fire. We brought up having calm bodies, and making sure we stay outside of the fire circle unless Debbie or Emily say something, and much more.  We can’t wait to make our first fire outside, hopefully next week!

After snack, we got to cooking!  We scooped out the insides of oranges and mixed together a blueberry muffin batter too.  We poured the batter into the oranges and wrapped them in tinfoil which we then placed on the hot coals in our wood stove.  We let them cook and cool while we were outside playing.

We had a lot of snow on the ground and there were forts and tunnels already made for us to play in!  It was a little chilly but that didn’t stop up from running around in the snow and playing.


Many of us loved the forts and tunnels and put a huge smile on our faces! Snow always makes us smile at Forest Preschool. Snow is also fun to eat sometimes too! Snow makes everyone a little goofy!


To stay warm Debbie taught us the jumping mouse song and we jumped and jumped until we got warm again!

Once we played enough outside, we went inside to warm up, eat lunch, and our treats that were cooling.  The muffins were delicious and everybody loved them!

We ended out day with some nature yoga which was so much fun!  We will end our day with a little nature yoga to bring us all together after an exciting day.  The very last thing we did was have our thank you circle where we all shared 1 thing we were thankful for from the day.


Forest preschool is always a great time!  Debbie and Emily cannot wait to play in the snow some more this coming week at Forest Preschool.



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