January 27th: Frozen Fungi and Forest Camp Fun

What another amazing day at Forest Preschool!  Our day was full of  playing at forest camp, crafts and laughs.


We were so happy that there was some snow still on the ground for Forest Preschool today! Some of us played in the snow and acted like animals, while the rest colored beautiful spring time pictures inside.

At morning meeting Emily introduced who the new line leader would be for the day, and who our morning meeting helper would be! Everyone is so excited for it to be their turn. We all shared our names and our favorite goofy dance because we had a new Forest preschooler this week and a visitor too, Sophie!

During morning meeting everyone seemed to come down with a case of the giggles and we were all laughing and having such a fun time!

Since it was such a nice day we went to Forest Camp to explore! For many of us this was the first time playing at Forest Camp and boy did we have fun!  We took shelter in the Fort, found some amazing orange mushrooms that were frozen on a tree and played with the snow.

Some of us found one tree that we decided was the perfect tree to pretend we were a winter Koala on!  It was so much fun to cling onto the tree and try and hold on as long as possible.

We has some cooking gear at camp already, and Sophie was feeling hungry so she and some of our friends opened a bakery and made some Delicious snow cakes, cookies and pies. Luckily we had our pine tree serving stick to make sure that everyone got a taste.

We all had so much fun in the snow on Friday! We even had a nice little picnic at Forest Camp too for lunch!

Some of us were getting chilly so Debbie and Emily Decided it was time to go to the barn and start on our craft!  Last week  we found a geocached stamp at Forest Camp so Debbie came up with the idea that we make our own stamps! We didn’t get to finish them, so hopefully this Friday we will.

Our day ended with a Thank You Circle with our parents! It was so nice to hear what everyone was thankful for. As always it was a great way to end the day!


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