December 16th: Our last day of Forest Preschool!


dscn1351Our last day of Forest Preschool! It’s bittersweet to see it come and go.  Debbie and Emily have enjoyed all of the adventures and smiles that come with every Friday.  They cannot wait until January 20th for things to start up again!

Today was definitely the coldest Friday many of us have experienced in a while!  With fresh snow on the ground, some of us were ready to play outside before our day started.

All bundled up and ready to play we journeyed outside.  We found some milk cartons in our small garden outside the barn and to our surprise, inside was frozen colored ice blocks!  It looked like in each block was a colored tree, it was really something beautiful!

After a little bit we started to get chilly, so we went inside and had morning meeting. Everyone talked about their week and we discussed what our day would look like.  Today was special, because at the end of the day our parents were going to come and help us with a really fun craft!


We started our day with our job, filling the bird feeders! Like always, everyone got a chance to fill a feeder with seed.  It’s so fun seeing all of the birds fly up to the feeders!

To warm up we did one of our favorite things, we had a freeze dance party! We danced to some wonderful holiday songs. Some of us had an opposite freeze dance party– when the music was playing they were frozen and then when the music stopped they would dance! So goofy!

Before our parents arrived we had a little craft to do! Debbie gave us each 2 pine cones and we covered them completely with peanut butter, which got messy but a lot of fun.  After they were covered in peanut better we dipped them in bird seed. (Photos brought to you by the wonderful Forest Preschoolers! We have some great photographers.)

Around noon our parents started to arrive and  we needed to start our craft.  With our parents help we made bird friendly wreaths.  We collected grapevine last week and Debbie made them into a wreath form. We also collected native plants to decorate with too!  Our wonderful seeded peanut butter pine cones were there final touch!

The final results were BEAUTIFUL! The birds are going to love them!

We finished our day with a trip to Forest Camp, and with our parents we had our thank you circle and shared what we were thankful for.  It was a great way to end Forest Preschool for the season!

Debbie and Emily are so grateful for all of the joy, excitement, and adventure that came every week on Fridays!  We look forward to more adventures soon to come.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at Audubon Vermont!

Image result for snowflake



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