December 9th: Finally our First Day in the Snow!

SNOW! Our first Forest Preschool with some snow on the ground, and everybody was ready to explore in it!


We had another visitor this week, Molly who was with Audubon over the summer!  She was so excited to join us for the day and go on an adventure!

Once everyone arrived we geared up and went straight to work.  Last week we were introduced to our Audubon job, filling the bird feeders, so this week we took them all down and filled them with seed again.

After filling the bird feeders full of seeds we walked to Forest camp.  Today we did things a little differently and had morning meeting at Forest Camp.  We discussed what our day was going to look like and one thing that we did this week that was super fun.

2 of our students had birthday this past week, so we all joined in a beautiful chorus of Happy Birthday!

After Morning meeting we all were feeling a little chilly and needed to move around.  Debbie introduced us to a fun game called, What Time is it Mister Fox.  We were running around and counting my ones, tens and hundreds! It was so much fun to be able to play in the snow, finally.

Before we went to the barn to take a nice warm break we tried to slide down the hill in the garden! It wasn’t that slippery, so Debbie and Emily slid us down the hill and it was so much fun, and we had many smiling faces.

To warm up our toes we did one of our favorite things, we had a freeze dance party!  We were dancing super goofy and warmed up in no time!

After going out and finding some decorations for the bird friendly wreaths that we are making next week, Molly read us a great story about a fox and winter.

Our day at Forest Preschool was full of laughs, explorations and many layers!  We are so excited for more snow to fall this coming week and for our final day of Forest Preschool.

Watch us having a blast playing What Time is it Mister Fox in the garden area here!


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