December 2nd: Garden Fun and Our Audubon Job

It’s officially December and we are so excited! This week we had a very small group, but that didn’t stop us from having fun and exploring!

After playing in the mud kitchen or drawing inside by the nice warm heater we had morning meeting.  Everyone shared one thing they enjoyed about Thanksgiving, and then we got to business planning out out day.

Once everyone knew what our day had in store for us we got ready to do our very important job at Audubon.  Us Forest Preschoolers are responsible every Friday to fill and hang the bird feeders by the Barn and Office.

Everyone got a chance to fill a feeder with seed and choose the location of our feeders.  At pick-up time the feeder with sunflower seeds by the barn already had many Chickadee friends visit and eat some yummy seeds.

After we did our job with the feeders we headed to Forest Camp with our lunches. On our way to forest camp we stumbled upon a friend, a buck or a male deer!  It was large and had impressive antlers from what we could see.  When we were walking through the woods talking  we scared the deer eating in the garden and it ran away into the woods by the road.  It startled us, but was amazing!

Once at forest camp, Emily prepared a fire to warm us during lunch while Debbie and out preschoolers went to the garden to look for signs of the deer.  We found deer scat in the grass but nothing else.


In the garden we ran around and played with what snow we had left on the ground.  We ran up the paths through the garden many times racing each other! On one of our journeys we found a plastic beetle critter that we then buried in the small snow pile! After all of that running around and exploring we got hungry and headed to Forest camp for lunch.


After lunch it was almost time for pickup so we headed back to the barn, warmed up a little and Emily ended the day with a wonderful book called Woodpile!

It looks like snow is in the forecast for this Friday the 9th and Emily and Debbie couldn’t be happier! Another great day at Forest Preschool!




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