November 18, 2016: Giving Thanks for the Sun

Today was wonderfully sunny; so, we went for a hike.

We went all the way to Peeper Pond where the Fairy Dust grows to have snack.img_3911img_3910img_3909

Then we sprinkled the fairy dust on the trail for some magic. We sprinkled it along until we made it to the overlook of Beaver Pond, our destination in sight.


We finally made it to the pond…and someone spied us all the way from Hemlock Swamp.


It was Gwen! and her fancy camera. OOOOOoooo. AAAHHHHhhaaaa.

We played shadow tag.


And built fairy houses.

And played in the mud.

Our feet got a little muddy but we found a plant with 93 leaves!

Then we had to pack up and hike all the way back.


My friends, I am thankful for you and am so happy we got to spend this sunny day together.

❤ Happy Trails.


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