November 11th: Hiking and Snow Flurries

The cold weather is officially upon us! After searching for chipmunks in the yard and learning some fun chipmunk facts we started our day.


Today during morning meeting Debbie introduced us to her friend Moostafah, and we all helped Moostafah learn how to dress now that it is getting colder out.  We learned that it is VERY important to layer! A base layer is very helpful to stay warm, as well as having warm socks, a hat and mittens.  Debbie also taught us that it is super important to stay hydrated, even if the water is a little cold, we need to drink it and it will help us stay warm.

After we got Moostafah all ready and dress in layers it was time for us to do the same! We put on all the layers, including gloves and hats, and left to go on an adventure and hike the entire Hires trail.

Starting at Forest Camp, we put all our backpacks on the backpack tree so that we wouldn’t have to hike with them.  Our first stop was Lookout Rock where we paused for a nice picture.  Behind us you can see Camel’s Hump, if only it wasn’t so cloudy.

We didn’t say at Lookout Rock very long, we needed to keep moving to stay warm.  Hiking we saw so many cool things including, mushrooms, twisted trees, trees growing in the shape of letters, and so much more.

Once we were half way done we stopped at a nice flat area up in the woods.  We decided to take a break and make some fairy houses and decorate the forest with some fun leaf designs.

Some of us made homes for critters, others cleared the path of leaves, some of us even tired to put leaves back on a tiny baby tree, and succeeded!

After hiking for so long we decided that we were officially hungry and needed to get back to Forest camp and eat our lunches!


As we were walking we noticed that it wasn’t raining, but something else was falling from the sky, SNOW!  We paused for a minute to try and see if we could catch any flurried on our tongue, many of us were able to.  Hiking back it was flurrying for a while, but eventually stopped as we got back to Forest Camp.

We also found something else!  A few weeks ago and Forest Camp we found a box used for geocaching, and today we found a duct taped jar wedged in a tree! Inside were some small artifacts like a key chain, some coins, a sticker, and a few other miscellaneous items.

We can’t wait for snow to be covering the ground and be able to explore through the woods in it! Maybe we will find more artifacts through the weeks!


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