November 4th: Costumes and Scavenger Hunts

Friday was a wild day! It all started with some wild creatures entering our barn.  A big fuzzy spider, Rainbow, Bee, a dinosaur/dragon/pig and even a zebra graced us at Forest Preschool!

The day might have started off chilly and rainy, but that never stops us from having fun. Once everyone arrived we had to show off all of our amazing costumes!  How did we do this, by having a wild rumpus of course!! We danced around, got spider hugs and had many laughs, even a cow and a dragon danced together, it was great.

This was no normal wild rumpus, but we had a freeze dance wild rumpus party with 2 amazing DJ’s controlling the music. When we got all warmed up Debbie started our day with morning meeting.  First we discussed what our day was going to look like, and then everyone shared 1 thing about Halloween this year, whether it be how many pieces of candy they collected or a fun thing that happened!

After our meeting wrapped up, we were all getting a little hungry, so we had snack and a story.  To our surprise at the end of the book we were reading there was a clue!  The clue told us to go to a place at Audubon to find something.  We were all so curious.  After snack we got all our gear together and start our scavenger hunt!

The clue led us to the garden where on a  bench we found a container! When we opened the container and found graham crackers and ANOTHER NOTE!

This note directed us to walk through the garden, so we did what the note told us to do! After walking for a while we came upon a container in the woods!  We looked inside and found chocolate and ANOTHER NOTE! We were wondering what this scavenger hunt was leading us too.

This next note told us we needed to find a last container deep in the garden, so we followed the instructions and FOUND IT! Inside this last container was a bag of marshmallows.  We now had 1. graham crackers 2. chocolate and 3. marshmallows, this means only 1 thing… S’MORES!!

There was another note too. This note told us that we needed to search and collect small sticks to build a fire because in order to roast a marshmallow, you need a fire.

After sticks were collect and Emily started on the fire, we noticed another note! This instructed us all to find something to cook our marshmallows on, A STICK!

We all got a nice roasting stick and then moved inside because it was getting chilly. We finished up lunch and read Where the Wild Things Are as Emily made us all yummy delicious S’mores!

Every week it seems to be getting colder out and we are so excited! We can’t wait for what our winter adventures will take us!


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