October 28th: Pumpkins and Arts and Crafts

Today was a chilly and wet one! We are officially entering the cold weather season, but that doesn’t stop us at Forest Pre School from having fun!

We began our day inside as our friends all arrived.  We drew and colored on large sheets of paper! Some of us drew frogs, pumpkins and birds on telephone poles while others create some amazing abstract drawings.

Once all of our friends arrived we had morning meeting, talking about what we were going to do for the day and share with our friends what we did during the past week!

We then got a jump on our crafts.  Last week some of us painted CDs and some of us chose to use  those and some picked different CDs to create decorations for Forest Camp.  We glued foam pieces and created beautiful CD flowers or suns and then hung them up at forest camp. At forest we wandered around for a little bit, until our toes got to cold and we moved back to the barn.

Once back at the barn we got ready for our next activity, PUMPKIN CARVING!! What is more fun than scooping out gooey pumpkin insides! Either with a spoon or our hands everyone was able to scoop out all of the insides of 2 pumpkins! Once clean, our pumpkin masters explained to Emily and Debbie what kind of face they wanted for their pumpkin, whether it be triangle eyes, scary mouth, or a smiley one!  Emily and Debbie drew and carved them out, and they looked great!

Each group did a fantastic job with their pumpkins! The best we’ve seen! (Make sure when you come by you check them out on our office steps!)



After the pumpkins were all carved we were all pretty hungry, all that scooping works up an appetite. Lunch was then followed by our delicious treat! Brown bears, a treat made from dough wrapped around a stick and coated with sugar and cinnamon then roasted over a fire! Once we got them all cooked, they were very warm and Yummy! Definitely something we want to try again, outside.


Friday was so much fun! We can’t wait to spend more time outside in the colder weather and are excited for some snow too!



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