October 21st: Crafting and Cooking

To our grateful surprise the weather in the morning and early afternoon was much better than we anticipated. We couldn’t wait to start our day!

As always, we started with either a fun activity inside, like playing with out puppet theaters or a crowd favorite, creating treats outside in the mud kitchen.  Once everyone arrived we all cleaned up and got straight to work, today we were business men and women.  At morning meeting some of us shared fun things that happened to us during the week, and then Debbie explained what the game plan was going to be for the day. We were going to cook, craft and explore!

While half of the group went on a rock hunt with Emily, to find at least 2 rocks to paint and decorate forest camp with, the other half of us stayed and began to prepare for our delicious snack!  We cut apples in half, and inside the apples (where the core was) we put a mix of oatmeal, cinnamon, and butter! YUMMMMMMMM

Once out treats were made, we got out the paint and started to decorate all different size and shape rocks for Forest Camp! So many colors, from purple, to red and green! After we finished our rock, we moved onto CDs.  We painted these so that we could glue them together and hang them from a tree.  Some of us wanted to make a sun, or color it in a rainbow! Forest Camp is going to be looking great with all of these beautiful decorations!

After our decorations were all painted we laid them out to dry and packed up our things to head to Forest camp.

When we got there we cleaned out of fire circle and fire pit area from all of the fallen leaves, this also led us to talk about fire safety too! While Emily started to make out fire most of us EXPLORED!

Some colored on trees with charcoal, others search under the leaves for any friends we might find, and WE FOUND ONE!

We found a very cold salamander! We believe that our new friend was getting ready to go underground for winter because he was so cold.  After everyone got a  chance to see our friend, and then we made sure to put the salamander in a safe stop.

Some of us explored higher up into the woods, and found something AWESOME! Hidden away, some of out explorers found a geocaching box! It had french money in it! We made sure to put it back where we found it so someone else could find it too.

After all this exploring everyone got hungry.  We ended our day with lunch at Forest camp, and our delicious apple snack warm and sweet from the fire! We went around and everyone shared one thing they were thankful for today at Forest Pre School.

We are all super excited to see what this cold weather is going to bring us, and where else we might explore in the future!



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