May 6: Let’s take a vote

Today the preschoolers held a heated debate about the expertise and political know how of the remaining presidential candidates to determine who should get the backing of Forest Preschool for their nomination.

…Just kidding.

We did, however, learn how to express our opinions by “taking a vote.” Sometimes, there are just soooo many good ideas about what we should do, we shout and yell and can’t decide which one to pick until an adult steps in. This way, we can choose for ourselves.

The first thing we needed to vote on was where we should have snack: on the lawn while Kelsey read to us or at Forest Camp, where Kelsey also could read to us.


We chose the lawn.

After snack we made our way to Forest Camp. Once there, someone suggested we visit the Rocket Ship but other people wanted to play on Trillium Hillium. So we took a vote. This time it was a tie, so we decided to compromise and spent some time at forest camp…


…and some time at the Rocket Ship!

(The rocket ship is actually a downed tree on top of the mossy rocks, but it feels like it could take us to space.) We explored a little farther at the rocket ship and found a small (but deep we found out…both with sticks and some feet…) pond, and a whole backside of the hill we had not checked out. It was covered with Trout Lilies and Spring Beauties.

Flowers line the path

We played up on the hill until it was time to meet our parents. Another day of outdoor play at Audubon come to an end.

Happy Trails. ❤



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