April 1: April Showers bring June Flowers..

April Fools! But not about the showers part. We. Got. WET!

This is how it happened.

We started our day playing outside like normal. We checked the sap bucket (nothing!) and played in the yard.


ET and Kelsey were hiding snakes along the stone wall when he shouted out: “I found something! Its alive!” We all gathered ’round and saw this little guy trying to hide in the rocks.


Its the first salamander I have seen this year. Definitely a sign of spring.

Then we heard our friend Phoebe singing in the woods, and Pat reached up and grabbed the old Phoebe nest that was built on our barn in year’s past so we could look at it up close.


After we put it back, we went inside to share our signs of spring.


Next, we got geared up and headed to forest camp. We were feeling really good and thought we should have a fire today too. We had just finished snack and the fire was just getting going when it started sprinkling. We all had our gear on so most of us thought it would be okay to say out when the sky ripped open and it starting POURING!

FM looked at me and said, “Debbie, I think its time to go inside now and make rain sticks.” How right he was! Our fire went out and we went in!

Once inside, we dried off and turned on the heat. Pat read us a story while we designed the outside of our rain sticks.


Then with the help of Kelsey we filled plastic bottles with sticks of varying sizes and added a little rice. We put the lids on and added our decoration and voila! Check out how to make your own rain stick here.

Now we can stay dry and still listen to the rain. Happy trails!




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