March 25: Gone Fishing

This morning was grey, cold, and a little drizzly, but we wouldn’t expect anything different for a Friday morning. We come prepared.

It was decided that we should read a story first thing as everyone was arriving, so we all pulled up a chair for Pat to tell us a tale of Sugaring.


After the story there was some preschool-led team building. It required everyone to work together, to listen to each other’s words, and to all work towards the same goal. This is what it looked like:


They had a BLAST flipping that empty pool around the yard.

Then we hid some snakes and tried to find them.


We went inside for snack, after which we had 2 presentations about signs of spring. CC showed us pictures he had taken and ET brought in a flower from his garden. They told us about these items and we added them to our poster. It is getting filled up with signs of spring!

And then, we went fishing.

We hiked down to Peeper Pond to check it out since the ice melted. The field was mowed before winter so there were lots of sumac sticks, with their velvety  fuzz. There were also lots of old cattails to pull apart to  make snow. Pat was telling us that cattails are edible and pulled up 2 roots to show us. He said the roots are usually dried out and made into a flour.

Then we hiked back up to the barn so that we could tap a maple tree. Hopefully the sap will flow and fill our bucket! Then, Kelsey supervised a log drilling station where we could keep drilling holes in something without hurting it. We did that right up until pick-up time!


Happy Mapling! IMG_2641


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