March 18: Mud Painting and Campfires

Have you ever done mud painting? It is exactly what it sounds like: mud is your medium and the world your canvass. You can paint with brushes but hands and sticks also work.

We attempted to make a mud mural on paper but this face tells you how it went:


It started to snow so our paper quickly got wet and fell apart. The good thing about mud painting is that you don’t need paper.

OS brought signs of spring for our poster so we went inside for a show and tell. We also heard all about “growler monkeys” from FM who went on vacation in the neotropics!


Then we headed to forest camp for snack around the fire.

yogurt beard!

After snack we did some climbing and some more mud painting before heading out in the sunshine to play cold nights- warm days tag.

We sat and lay in the sunshine after running to feel the warmth and catch our breath. We also took this time to sing good morning to the world.

At this point we could see parents starting to arrive so we put out our fire, said goodbye to camp, and hiked to meet our parents.

Another great day of Forest Preschool. ❤



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