March 11: Drip. Drip. Drip.

“I can hear the creeks flowing, I can smell the sap boiling.

I can feel the sun shinin.

Drip drip drip”

-Heidi Wilson, “Skunks are coming out”


Despite the fact that it was snowing at morning drop-off, it was a warm (i.e. 40 degree) day today. So nice in fact, that we got muddy.


It was the first time the mud kitchen has been used since the ground thawed and is definitely a sign that spring is here. I am going to add it to the poster.

After we got good and muddy with Galloway and Patrick, two of our other student volunteers with Kelsey, we packed up our bags and went for a hike.


We hiked all the way to the Sugarbush on our lower property. We checked out sap buckets and the tractor, the sugarhouse and evaporator pan, and even tasted syrup.



Even after we had a chance to taste syrup, I think our favorite part of the day was playing “Cold nights and Warm Days.” Sap needs cold nights below freezing and warm days above freezing to flow. If it is too cold, those sap droplets stay frozen in the roots. We all had a good time running around the field.



We gave our legs a rest before hiking all the way back to the barn. On the way up, one kiddo told me “I’m going home and going right to bed.  I’m not even going to eat my lunch.” I think it was a good sign. 🙂

These silly faces were produced in Bird-Friendly Habitat!

Happy Trails!



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