November 20: The Water Table and the Solstice Tree

One of the many reasons why I love Forest Preschool is because the kids are constantly reminding me to enjoy the simple things. Today, the simple thing we had such a good time playing with was warm water from the kitchen sink.


IMG_2451 IMG_2450

We spent a lot of time pouring water into different containers (tall, short, and wide, some with accidental holes and some with purposeful hole) and seeing what would happen. But what really got everyone excited was to see if we could cause a metal bowl to overflow. Boy, could we ever! It was a task full of suspense- would we fill it up this time? what about now? How long does it take to leak out of the bowl when it is full to the tippy-top?

By then end, I was probably cheering louder than any of the kids for the bowl of water to spill over.

IMG_2452 IMG_2453

We went inside for snack today because our hands were getting cold. Even though the water was warm, the air was crisp and we wanted to warm up.


We looked at 3 different sets of antlers that were on our nature museum table and tried to figure out where they came from. The next time you stop by the Education Barn and it is open, you should take a look!

Then we read a new story today that will become the theme for the rest of our weeks leading up to the Solstice and Christmas Holidays. We read Night Tree by Eve Bunting, the story of a family that decorates a tree in the woods for the animals on Christmas Eve.

After the story, I explained that we were going to decorate a tree in our woods and that we needed to pick one out! So, we headed to forest camp.

Searching the woods for the perfect tree


We love Tamarack branches because they are so distinct! You will have to ask if they make good whistles, though.


After deciding that our favorite tree to climb in Forest Camp would make an excellent Solstice Tree, it was time for some hiding games in the arboretum.


Then we decided to follow the paths all the way through the arboretum and garden. As we did so, we noticed lots of holes in the trail, too small to be made by groundhogs.We weren’t sure who made them, but we could think of other animals that burrow in small holes like chipmunks, shrews, voles, and some beetles.


We continued our exploratory hike and ended back at our circle in Forest Camp.




We each took a turn to express some gratitude for the day- another thing I love about FPK- before heading down the trail for our waiting families. Anther happy day comes to an end.



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