November 6: The Bus Ride

It was the first day of a new session! In honor of having a new preschooler join us, we did something special : Today we went on a magical journey to a far away place.

We took a bus to New Jersey. Didn’t your preschooler tell you that?

No? Well, we took this trip in our imaginations! Its amazing the places you and your child can go when you partake in a little child-led nature play. Take a look at what we did today.

Morning play time as all our friends arrive:


There is nothing better than a crisp pile of leaves for throwing and playing


                                               IMG_2419What does F think about that cake?

            IMG_2420P is baking up a storm!

IMG_2418A cake, fit for the King’s Bakery!


Then we gathered our belongings and headed to Forest Camp:


We found some cool branches with yellow pine needles and bumps all over.

Do you know what tree they are from?IMG_2425

Tamarack! A coniferous tree with needles that turn yellow and drop every fall!IMG_2423

These branches make perfect bus tickets.




Gotta fill up with gas, even when your bus runs on brain power.

We arrived in New Jersey! Let’s Explore:



New Jersey is a magical forested landscape.









Let’s make a Fairy potion!








These droppings couldn’t have come from this woodpecker…could they?





We decided to leave New Jersey because our parents would miss us too much. We took a plane back to Forest Camp, grabbed our bags from The Backpack Tree and ran off to meet our parents.

Goodbye, New Jersey!


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