November 13: Hiking School

Someone aptly started calling Forest Preschool “Hiking School” and after today, I can understand why.

We started inside since it was pretty rainy. We set up the baby pool and some “camo critters”  with basins of warm water. We had fun trying to replicate the sounds of the rain outside.

IMG_2436 IMG_2438

After snack it miraculously stopped raining! So we donned our boots and jackets and hit the trail!

IMG_2443 IMG_2444

Where did our little feet take us? Well…

  • we stopped at the boardwalk because we had to tell some jokes to be able to cross. (Little known fact: Trolls love jokes.)
  • we checked out the back side of peeper pond by the old – and now broken- yellow birch tree.
  • we ran along the trail to peeper pond (it was low and we didn’t hear any frogs and not too many birds; they must have been huddled up on this grey fall day.)
  • we saw a trail that we have never walked so we decided to see where it went and followed it to… the parking lot?! Not very exciting BUT, since we were now by the Sugarhouse, we decided to play games in the field.
  • after some “rainbow tag” and “duck,duck, goose” we started hiking again to make it back to the barn.
  • we hiked through the sugarbush, through hemlock swamp, up the big stairs, across the field, and up the hill back to the barn! All before pick-up time!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, was pooped after that excursion. What a great way to spend a rainy day.



Until next time. Happy Trails!


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