September 18: Our First Fall Session

Today was a great day– it was the start of our Fall Session! We had lots of new friends join us and a couple of old friends too. We spent a lot of time today getting to know each others names, the expectations of forest preschool, and the schedule of our time, but the most important thing we did was explore Forest Camp!

Unfortunately, the adults forgot to bring the camera today 😦 . However, some things we were really excited to do today were :

  • hiding and then finding pictures of some Vermont Animals along the path to Forest Camp
  • listening to a story in forest camp
  • climbing a tree to reach some colorful water bottles
  • playing in the fort

We all came together at the end and shouted out some of the things we were thankful for as a quick gratitude circle at the end of our day. Then we packed our things and headed back to our adults. It was a successful (although picture-less) day.


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