June 12: End of Session Celebration

And so our second session of Forest Preschool at Audubon Vermont comes to a close. With summer camp right around the corner we had some special helpers join us for an all day play session: Camp Counselors Bekka, Adam (a.k.a Bumblebee), and Kieran. They did something super rad to help us out also…


…made us an awesome new mud kitchen! Lots and lots of time will be spent here.

We took time today to exploring mossy rocks (one of our favorite spots) and then our parents joined us at the very end to explore our forest camp for a marshmallow roast (parents usually don’t get to walk with us to our secret spot in the woods, so it was super great that they got to see it today!). We ended the day by getting reacquainted with our special animal and getting to take our pictures home. It could be a great reminder of all the fun we had at forest preschool, especially since some of us are starting Kindergarten in the fall!

20150612_102931[1]   20150612_102934[1] 22234907401_6dd9d94127_o

We are all so thankful for the time we got to spend with your preschoolers throughout the winter and spring! We went on some wonderful adventures and had a great time. We hope you and your child enjoyed it just as much as we did.

Happy Trails,

❤ Chickadee and Fisher at Audubon Vermont


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