May 29, 2015: Its a Fine Day to be a Turtle

What can make a painted turtle smile? Is it a sunny log? Is it a mouthful of mayflies? Is it the pond near your house? We decided to investigate to find out.

…but first we needed to make music with Fisher in the mud kitchen.


…And then we had to pretend we had shells.


But after that, we were definitely ready for the hike all the way down to the beaver pond.


We made it to Beaver Pond! We investigated all that mud. Turns out, leeches live in that water.


Eastern Newts live there too.


Although, what we came here for is TURTLES!


This little fella was so small she fit in our collection containers (a.k.a. yogurt cups).


Very carefully, we all took turns putting her in our cup and getting to have a chance to take a peak up-close.

turtle group

Its not everyday that you can see a turtle swim, right in your hand. After we all had a turn, we let her go and continued to explore the mud-flat landscape around the pond. It was a fine turtle day indeed.


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