May 8, 2015: The Log Hotel

Would you stay at The Log Hotel? Too bad its too small for people or we would have stayed at The Log Hotel all day.

More on that in a second, though, because we had a new friend join us today! Mourning Cloak Butterfly joined right in with our morning play time and will be with us for the rest of our session. Hooray for new friends!

Now back to the hotel.

It all started when Fisher read us a story about a tree that fell down in the forest.

Log Hotel by Anne Schreiber

The tree slowly decomposed on the forest floor, and as it did so, was used by many organisms as a place to stay or a source of food to eat.

This inspired us to explore all the potential log hotels in Forest Camp (and boy are there a lot)…

Sapsucker, Mourning Cloak Butterfly, Nuthatch, and Toad exploring a huge log hotel with Fisher.

…and to build some forest homes of our own.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker made a fairy house!
Fairies need homes too!

After that, we took some time to play around camp.

Barred Owl and Porcupine make music with maple jugs.

Once our imaginations got rolling, we discovered that the old fort in our camp was actually a castle. Fortunately, castles have knights to protect them from any dragons (or Chickadee pretending to be a dragon) that might be hiding in the woods.

Colanders make excellent helmets.

After all of that time running around, it was suddenly time to clean up and get ready to go home. But, we did have time to come together and tell what we did or noticed when we were playing today:

Porcupine “played with the maple syrups.”

Sapsucker “made animal hotels and fairy houses.”

Salamander ” made a fairy house with Chickadee.”

Red Squirrel “made a fairy house with Deer Mouse.”

Deer “built a fort for a king.”

Fisher “saw a red flower with a really stinky smell.”

Toad “liked the fairy swimming pool.”

and Sapsucker’s Mom came by the sharing circle in time to add something too! She said that she noticed the “trees budding out and that our ribbon tree was decorated.”

It was a great way to end our day.

From left to right: Squirrel, Porcupine, Owl, and Deer Mouse

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